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Do Dogs Know They’re Being Adopted? Yes & No

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Dog at shelter

A: Shelter life is very confusing and scary, I have worked for many shelters and I wouldn’t say dogs understand that they are being adopted. New people and circumstances can be very overwhelming, and they understand when there is change, and they understand stability. A lot of dogs just appreciate being away from the loud and cold shelters and having more affection and time with a consistent owner. 

Sometimes, I think a dog knows that he’s been adopted and is going to have a good future life! Other times I beg to differ!

I’ve welcomed a couple of rescues from Paws Chicago over the last decade, with Joey being the first.

Joey was absolutely the best dog in the world but unfortunately died 3 years ago, after which we adopted Stella.

Joey was loyal and obedient as can be, and the sweetest dog anyone could wish for. But just like any dog or even human, Joey had issues.

However, his issues weren’t with people but with other dogs and I wasn’t sure if he just wanted to play or tear the life out of them.

There were a few bite incidents at the local dog park, and oddly most were with the same dog.

I really couldn’t figure out the underlying reason for these incidents but my dad always said that he’d been hurt before and that he could see it in his eyes.

So, I figured these incidents were a result of trauma from Joey’s past. The shelter staff did tell us that they had to cut off the choke collar embedded in Joey’s neck.

But there was something different about Joey, and I could tell that he was grateful for the rescue.

Even though it was hard to tell Joey’s history, and why he was very shy at first, he eventually grew out of being timid and I was convinced that he knew he’d been rescued and had hit the jackpot.

The internet is flourished with videos of shelter dogs being adopted and their reaction is pure elation. But this wasn’t the case with Joey, as he was terrified on the first ride home from the shelter.

I believe more than likely rescue dogs or dogs in similar circumstances are just happy to be in a home where they feel safe, secure, and fed.

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Do Dogs Know They’re Being Adopted – Key Takeaways

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